Project management students attend Project Management Institute dinner meeting

Fifteen project panagement students from the Managing Systems Projects course (MIS/MGT/CSC 460) will be attending the Project Management Institute (PMI) dinner meeting on November 13th at 6 pm at the Genesee Grand Hotel, Syracuse, NY.

Students will network with local project management professionals, hear about recent developments in the PMI certification process, and will listen to a guest speaker on “Agile Project Management Methods.”

Those attending include Alex Constantino ’14, Eddie Maxam ’14, Brooke Castillo ’13, Kristen Colelli ’13, Aaron Przybylski ’12, Nicholas Dunsmore ’13, Morgan McDermott ’13, Shane Stockhauser ’14, Rebecca Wolf ’14, Matt Sarsam ’13, Armin Ibrahimovic ’13, and 4 others who haven’t picked their meal choices yet!

Updated (November 18, 2012): Reflections from a few of the students who attended the PMI dinner:

“When I accepted the invitation to attend the dinner I had no idea what to expect. I was pleased to meet several people who were more than happy to share their experiences with me, in addition give much appreciated advice on the project management field. The experience has led me to pursue a membership with the local Syracuse chapter, which I hope to gain after completion of my PMI certificate.” – Aaron Przybylski

“It was a great experience to sit side by side with project managers and have a candid conversation about the profession. They each had their own unique experiences to share with us.” – Kristen Colelli

“Project Management Institute dinner is a great way to network with local project management professionals. Showing interest in PMI will develop your skills and knowledge of managing any type of project. I  would recommend every student to attend this event.” – Armin Ibrahimovic.

“While attending Le Moyne College I am given a vast array of opportunities. One of my recent favorites has been attending the PMI dinner that was located at the Genesee Grand on November 13, 2012. Le Moyne allowed students studying project management to attend this dinner meeting. Not only was the meal free, but it was very informational and beneficial. During the meeting we were able to talk to various members of the group. While talking with them we learned of their jobs and realized that there were several different types of jobs people occupied. I thought this was very interesting because not every member had the title of “project manager”. In addition to socializing and making new connections we were able to listen to a fascinating presentation. This presentation was based on material that not everyone in the room knew about. It was relateable to the work setting as well as our college campus setting. Overall, I believe this experience was extremely beneficial and if given the opportunity I would gladly do it again. Thank you very much Le Moyne College and Dr. Grabowski for your help and all that you do!” – Rebecca Wolf

“I really enjoyed the PMI dinner meeting. To be able to have a conversation with a professional about how the information in my courses will be used every day in a career is an amazing thing. Talking with someone that has an excellent career in my field of study motivates me to keep working hard every day. I found it really interesting that I could be side by side with Professor Martha Grabowski learning material that was new to both us. I enjoyed relating my course of study to real world situations all while enjoying a great meal.” – Shane Stockhauser


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