Madden School Partners with the Family Business Center

On November 4, 2013, at the 4th Annual Family Business Conference, it was announced that the Madden School of Business has formed a partnership with the Family Business Center (FBC). The partnership will involve a number of ongoing activities and collaborative initiatives.

“Le Moyne is proud to partner with the Family Business Center to support the economic health and vitality of Central New York,” said President Fred Pestello at the event, which took place at Beak & Skiff in Lafayette, N.Y. “Integrating today’s dynamic business world with today’s equally dynamic learning environment creates holistic opportunities for both FBC membership and Le Moyne College students. Together, we will focus our energies on providing world-class programming with an emphasis on the unique needs of family businesses. On behalf of the College and the Madden School of Business, I look forward to a successful partnership serving our shared community.”

“I am excited about the opportunities this partnership with Le Moyne’s Madden School will bring to the Family Business Center and its members,” said Thomas P. Donahue, president of Donahue Financial Management Group, who helped found the FBC and serves on its board of directors. “By partnering with Le Moyne, the Center will be able to tap into the Madden School’s extensive knowledge base and resources, including faculty, alumni and world-class facilities. For Le Moyne students, the Center’s member companies will provide a wide-range of internship and mentoring opportunities. This partnership will take the activities and experiences of both organizations to new levels.”

Founded in 2009, the FBC supports the unique needs of family-owned businesses through a variety of activities and programs. The Center gives family-owned business owners and managers opportunities to interact and learn from each other and from family business professionals by providing tools, resources, training, interaction, and education in a nurturing and confidential environment. Currently, there are approximately 30 members businesses of the FBC throughout the Central New York region.

In addition to providing office space and facilities to host events at Le Moyne, the Madden School will work in conjunction with the FCB on a number of initiatives, including requests for external funding and new member recruitment. Le Moyne faculty will also act as consultants to members, as well as offer seminars and workshops on topics specific to the needs of family-owned businesses. In addition, Jim Joseph, the incoming dean of the Madden School of Business, has joined the Center’s Board of Directors.

This partnership models similar organizations that focus on serving family businesses, as more than 90% of family business centers nationwide are either being operated or housed within a college or university. Le Moyne’s historic role in preparing students for leadership roles in business settings clearly establishes the College as a chief pipeline providing talent for businesses and employers throughout the region.


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